Manufacturing/IndustrialAs part of the U.S. EPA NPDES phase I storm water program, 11 categories of industrial activity are required to obtain permit coverage. In many cases, controls are also necessary to minimize the discharge of pollutants.

Since this program was implemented under phase I in 1990, manufacturing, industrial, transportation, power plants, oil and gas, and other facilities have been using the StormceptorŽ System from Rinker StormceptorŽ to treat storm water runoff.

In field and laboratory studies, StormceptorŽ has consistently proved effective in capturing over 95 percent of free oils from storm water runoff and hydrocarbon spills. Combined with the ability to remove over 80 percent of total suspended solids, Rinker StormceptorŽ provides hundreds of industrial facilities with an effective storm water treatment tool.

Some of the businesses and industries that successfully use StormceptorŽ as a treatment device are:

    ˇ U.S. auto makers
    ˇ major airports
    ˇ timber, pulp, and paper mills
    ˇ other manufacturing facilities

Other industrial applications of the StormceptorŽ System include pretreatment of oil and water separators, and polyethylene beads from storm water runoff.