Parking Lots

Parking LotsLike any impervious surface, parking lots are a significant contributor to run-off pollution in municipal storm drain systems. Many municipalities in North America require storm water treatment as part of new development plan requirements for commercial and industrial parking lots.

The Stormceptor® System - from Rinker Stormceptor® - is an ideal solution for treating run-off from parking lots. The pre-cast concrete construction is pre-engineered for traffic loading for all vehicle applications. The Stormceptor® is easily assembled and installed as part of the storm sewer system during new construction. Additionally, Stormceptor’s vertical orientation is ideal for installation in retrofit applications.

The Inlet Stormceptor® - with a 450 U.S. gallon capacity - is an ideal solution for treating run-off in small parking lots. It replaces a traditional inlet structure in a storm sewer system. The Inlet Stormceptor® is effective in removing total suspended solids and free oils from storm water run-off.

For larger vehicle parking lots, the In-Line Stormceptor® is an excellent treatment option. The In-Line Stormceptor® is available in unit sizes ranging from 900 to 7200 U.S. gallon storage capacity.

Several thousand Stormceptor® Systems are in use across North America as treatment options in parking lots.