Phase I and II Compliance Applications

Phase I and II ComplianceInstallation of the Stormceptor® System grew rapidly in the United States with the onset of the EPA Phase I Regulations in 1990. Large municipalities and industrial facilities were looking for an ideal tool to help treat storm water runoff that would comply with EPA NPDES regulations. Since then, thousands of Stormceptor® systems have been installed in the U. S. as a best management practice.

The phase II portion of the storm water program expands phase I by requiring additional operators of municipal separate sewer systems in urbanized areas and operators of small construction sites to control polluted storm water runoff. Now, smaller municipalities and developers are turning to Rinker StormceptorŽ for help in complying with these measures.

Rinker Stormceptor is one of the largest manufacturers of pipe and concrete products in the U.S. with more than 50 manufacturing facilities in or near major population areas. With more than 50 years of experience manufacturing concrete products, Stormceptor delivers the highest quality of compliance applications at any location.