Spill Captures

Spill protection measures are critical in areas where petroleum products are stored, handled or used, since the environmental impact of an accidental spill can be devastating. Good housekeeping practices, along with spill control measures, can drastically reduce the damage caused by an accidental spill.

Public work yards, railway stations, military installations, airports, maintenance facilities, oil, and even food processing facilities use StormceptorŽ as part of their storm water treatment system.

The StormceptorŽ System, from Rinker Stormceptor system, has been used countless times as a spill control measure. The fiberglass insert inside the precast concrete StormceptorŽ extends into the treatment chamber, providing dual wall protection against volatile hydrocarbons. Stormceptor has captured thousands of spill gallons and has also removed total petroleum hydrocarbons from storm water run-off.

Recently, in a border crossing station in the Niagara Falls area, a tanker truck sprang a leak, sending over 800 gallons of palm oil into the storm drain system. Fortunately, two STC 900 In-Line StormceptorŽ Systems were part of the spill containment system. The two StormceptorŽ systems captured the entire spill, preventing the oil from contaminating the popular tourist waterfall.

Wherever a device is employed as a stand-alone spill control measure, the designer must be certain the device will perform in the event of a spill. StormceptorŽ has proved in laboratory, full scale, and field tests that it is more than 95 percent effective in the removal of free oils.


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Case Study: Spill Capture

The Peace Bridge Authority of Buffalo, New York and Fort Erie, Ontario completed re-construction of a Canadian truck processing yard at this busy international border…

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