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Product Description

The Inlet StormceptorŽ takes the place of a traditional inlet structure in a storm sewer system.


The Inlet StormceptorŽ is ideal for small drainage areas including truck loading bays, electrical transformer stations, and vehicle refueling stations.


The Inlet StormceptorŽ is a 48 inch diameter precast concrete structure with a patented fiberglass insert. The insert extends into the treatment chamber, providing dual wall containment of hydrocarbons.

Product Technical Information

(STC 450i only)

  • Grated opening at surface.
  • Grated opening oriented directly over orifice plate/drop tee assembly.
  • Outlet is oriented 180 degrees to orifice plate/drop tee assembly.
  • Accommodates up to three horizontal inlet pipes.
  • Useable as a bend structure.
  • Minimum direction change from horizontal inlet to outlet is 90 degrees.
  • Minimum depth from finished grade to outlet invert (contact your local StormceptorŽ Affiliate).

Inspect and maintain the In-Line StormceptorŽ from the surface, without entry into the unit. Perform maintenance once the stored volume reaches 15 percent of the StormceptorŽ capacity, or immediately in the event of a spill.

Maintenance intervals vary depending on the application. We recommend quarterly inspections during the first year of installation to accurately establish the maintenance schedule.

Remove oil and sediment through the 24 inch diameter outlet riser pipe or remove floatables and hydrocarbons through the 6 inch oil inspection port.

Requirements for StormceptorŽ disposables are similar to that of any other Best Management Practice (BMP). Consult local guidelines or your StormceptorŽ area marketing manager prior to disposal of the separator contents.

Product Benefits (Economic, Environmental and Social)

During infrequent, high flow events (less than 10 percent of all storm events), storm water flows over the diverting weir into the downstream sewer system, preventing scouring of previously trapped pollutants. The high flow by-pass prevents previously collected pollutants from scour and re-suspension.

The Inlet StormceptorŽ is an excellent Best Management Practice, since it saves the designer the cost of providing a traditional inlet structure upstream of a conventional treatment device in small drainage areas. The Inlet StormceptorŽ is available across North American and Australia as a sediment and spill containment device, and has been successfully used as an NPDES Phase I tool.

Additional Information

The In-Line StormceptorŽ is our most commonly installed model.