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Product Description

During infrequent, high flow events (less than 10 percent of all storm events), water is conveyed over the internal by-pass weir directly to the downstream storm sewer. This by-pass activity prevents high velocities of water from entering the treatment chamber.


The Submerged StormceptorŽ system removes total suspended solids, free oil, and other pollutants from stormwater run-off in partially submerged pipes.


The precast sections are manufactured in easy-to-assemble components and are available in the same sizes as the In-Line StormceptorŽ (eight models, ranging from 72 inch to 144 inch diameter). A customized weir separates the upper (by-pass) and lower (treatment) chambers.

Product Technical Information

Submerged Stormceptor High Flow

Submerged Inline Units

  • Extended weir and second drop tee height are custom designed based on tailwater elevation.
  • Height of weir corresponds to the difference of outlet invert and tail water elevation.
  • Weir can be extended to a maximum of 45 inches from the outlet elevation (including the existing weir).

Inspect and maintain the Submerged StormceptorŽ from the surface, without entry into the unit. Perform maintenance once stored volume reaches 15 percent of the StormceptorŽ capacity, or immediately in the event of a spill.

Maintenance intervals vary depending on the application. Quarterly inspections should be during the first year of installation, so you can accurately establish a maintenance schedule.

Remove oil and sediment through the 24 inch diameter outlet riser pipe. Or you may remove floatables and hydrocarbons through the 6 inch oil inspection port.

The requirements for the disposal from StormceptorŽ are similar to that of any other Best Management Practice (BMP). Consult local guidelines or your StormceptorŽ area marketing manager prior to disposing the separator contents.

Additional Information

The Submerged StormceptorŽ has been successfully installed in coastal areas and other submerged pipe conditions.

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