Stormwater Treatment - Stormceptor®

The Stormceptor System is a water quality treatment device used to remove total suspended solids (TSS) and free oil (TPH) from storm water run-off. Concurrently, Stormceptor can also take the place of a conventional junction or inlet structure within a stormdrain system. Rinker Materials manufactures the Stormceptor System with precast concrete components and a fiberglass disc insert in accordance with AASHTO and ASTM standards.

Stormceptor follows the philosophy of treating pollution at its source. Treating pollution at the source is the preferred methodology for water quality control since the dilution of pollutants in storm water becomes problematic in terms of effective treatment as the drainage area increases. The Stormceptor System product line consists of four patented designs.

Stormwater Treatment



Featured Products

In-Line Stormceptor®

only device with an internal by-pass

Series Stormceptor®

prevents scouring of trapped pollutants


Case Studies

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